Hailing from the wind-swept and tangerine-filled island of Jeju, South Korea,
Yewona has spent her adolescent years in Toronto (2002-2006), where she cultivated three key interests: gemoetry, metaphysical poetry, and surrealism: particularly in the works of Giorgio de Chirico. 

In 2006, she moved to New York City to study philosophy and studio art.
In 2011, she moved to Frankfurt, Germany, more by chance than anything else.
In 2013, she moved to Cambridge, MA to study architecture and subsequently to work at architectural firms such as NADAAA under Nader Tehrani and Safdie Architects under Moshe Safdie.
Since 2017, Yewona has been leading design efforts at Ori, inc., a 
transformative interior spaces company based in NYC/Boston. 

Yewona’s recent body of work explores figures and animals, but treated like still-life, often set against an architectural context that is out of scale, or pinned into an abstracted field of added planes. Her interest lies in the specific selection of the subjects set against genre-crossing contexts in order to quietly disorient and provoke. 

Harvard Graduate School of Design(Cambridge, MA)
Master in Architecture I

New York University (New York, NY)
B.A. with Honors (cum laude) in Philosophy